Our Mission

Founded in 2020, the namesake brand 'Sinnamon’ is dedicated to capturing the fluidity, expression and essence of divine feminine. Fashion Designer, Creative Director, and Seamstress Sinnamon Thomas, leads design with the intention to collaborate manifestation within the mind and spirit, outward to the body as physical affirmations, supporting femme evolution.

Through fashion we promote the capability to create quality & change for the future as women, embracing cultural ideas and the history of our roots. We pay homage to the past, destroy the present and in turn, add value providing new ways of showing up as women.

Designed for divine & empowered women ; women possessing high visions of self, who dare to be present daily as catalysts to create a new dimension of life. 'She' is forward moving, aware & embracing of her divinity & light  - unapologetically femme.


Our Founder's Story

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